Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Today's Fact

Today's Fact

Do you know that acupuncture points can be used to eliminate Jet lag ? This is a very interesting and useful that I read from a website recently, and wanted to share this with you all.....Those who travel frequently, try this and report please.....This is based on the Two Peak Hour Cycle of the 12 major organs of our body.

The instructions to do this are hereunder.

1) At the time of departure, set your watch to your destination time
2) Find the current time of your destination on the above chart.
3) Find the acupuncture point that corresponds to that 2-hour time frame.
4) Stimulate this (bilateral) point with a needle for 5 minutes, or by rubbing with the tip of a closed pen, 25-30 times in short blasts of 5 strokes.
5) Continue stimulating the points indicated for each of the ensuing 2-hour periods until you arrive at your destination.
6) Treat the corresponding horary point upon arrival.
Horary point

3 am - 5 am

Lu 8

Large Intestine
5 am - 7 am

LI 1


7 am - 9 am

St 36


9 am - 11am

Sp 3


11am- 1pm

Ht 8

Small Intestine

1 pm - 3 pm

SI 5


3 pm - 5 pm

UB 66


5 pm - 7 pm

Kd 10


7 pm - 9 pm

P 8 (CX8)


9 pm - 11 pm

SJ 6


11 pm - 1 am

GB 41


1 am - 3 am

Liv 1

Today's Tip

The "Two Hour " Cycle, the corresponding horary points and their location are attached herewith.. Happy Travelling, without jet lag.....

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